It is 2022! Throughout the decades, the travel and tourism field has changed drastically in career paths. If you are in this field and looking for top five career opportunities, make sure to read this guide till the end. 

Online travel agent: 

If you consider looking back at the past few years, you can see how digitized the travelling agency has become. Looking at the graph, it would not be wrong to predict that an online travel agent will be an excellent career opportunity for you. However, since the Covid-19 outbreak, people have gone skeptical about making sudden decisions about travelling. As a result, they are looking for expert agents who can guide them and manage their travel plans

Smart technology developer: 

Smart tourism is going to be the future. It is related to using most of the latest technology and improving the overall travelling experience. Along with providing travellers with a more endurable travelling experience, smart technologies allow agents to make the maximum amount of money. As a smart technology developer for travel agencies, you must learn about virtual tickets, QR codes, vending machines, and more.

Cabin crew: 

The job role of cabin crews has been incorporated in the travel and tourism field since the emergence of the aviation industry. Although the job roles of a cabin crew are pretty much the same from the very beginning, you can apply as a new-age cabin crew. Since the airline industry is changing with time, the role of cabin crews is also changing. You can indeed become a new-age cabin crew as the salary is on the higher side as well. 

Travel insurance salesperson: 

The significance of travel insurance is increasing day by day. However, if you are not interested in the random travel and tourism job and aim for a higher salary, you can be a travel insurance salesperson. To become a travel-insurance salesperson, all you have to do is complete a post-graduate diploma in tourism management-related courses and go through a training period. 

Niche tourism provider: 

As discussed earlier, the notion of people about travel and tourism is changing with time. They are no longer interested in conventional holidays on a beach or mountain. They are craving adventure. So, what you can do is be a niche tourism provider. For instance, you can start up with an LGBT travel agency or a Mughal-themed hotel chain, a Harry Potter-themed cruise commonly, and so many other options! 


In short, these were some popular career opportunities you can pursue in travel and tourism. But, remember, people and their likes and dislikes are changing in this field. So, whatever you do, make sure you provide the best you can to your clients. If you aim to pursue a career in travel & tourism you can look for our undergraduate and postgraduate courses in tourism management.