Perhaps to be a true traveller, one has to let go of ties in the conventional sense. You are only bound by what you have not seen yet and the people you have not met.” – Medha. 

Are you avidly fond of travelling? Do you often make to-do lists or try to remain organized throughout the trip? Are you someone who plans for an impromptu trip?

 If your answer to the three questions is yes, then hey wait, you might want to consider studying for a Bachelor in Tourism and Travel Management

Mind you, there are several types of careers in the tourism industry that differ widely from one to another. It’s an industry where outspoken and skilled individuals are always in demand. 

Here are five reasons that spotlight the importance of studying tourism management. 

Isn’t it obvious that you will be unlocking the door to travel opportunities? Being a travel and tourism management student, you can unleash the experience of travelling abroad. It can be due to study exchange, internships, or field trips. Travelling is at your fingertips, for real. It’s also a chance for you to understand the culture and dynamics across the world. 

  • Different Days 

No matter what career you choose in tourism studies, every day is going to be different. It’s not monotonous. You will come across and meet many people with different mindsets, expectations, moods, and motivations. It can be a daunting yet exhilarating experience to work in the tourism industry. 

  • Business Skills 

BBA in Tourism and Travel Management teaches students about sustainability, marketing concepts, human resources, project management, and many other skills. 

The knowledge and skills will cover a huge aspect of business that is useful for multiple career options. 

  • Impactful Journey 

There’s beyond just understanding the marketing concepts in tourism and travel management. Since many travelers are gearing up every day, it is essential to understand its impact on the globe. Learning about sustainability can eradicate or perhaps even lessen down social, economic, and environmental. 

At LivGlobal, students who pursue PG Diploma in Tourism Management or BBA in Tourism and Travel Management get a chance to learn about sustainable tourism.

  • Network and Connection 

Building reliable connections in any industry is crucial, especially in Tourism and Hospitality. By studying at LivGlobal, you will be building business and career networks. It can be fruitful when you are looking for job opportunities. 

Over the past couple of decades, the tourism industry has seen a huge shift and growth. Of course, due to COVID-19, it did cause trouble. But now it’s back with a bang. If you plan to pursue a PG Diploma or Bachelors in Tourism Management, get in touch with us today.