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Creating lasting impressions in minds

We are committed to the holistic development of our students to ensure superior outcomes and strong employee ability prospects. Our teaching methodology is focused on knowledge, application of knowledge and enhancing skills. The modern and enhanced curriculum has a blend of immersive industry exposure through the training & internships, intensive personal & professional development through the Classroom sessions, Master class, Case studies, workshops, combined with CSR activities all come together to create an experiential learning process.

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Classroom sessions

Our highly experienced core team, along with visiting faculty, deliver specially designed programs that enrich students with not just academic knowledge but offer them a global perspective as well.

Master Class

LivGlobal’s MasterClass intend to keep students updated on the latest scenario in the travel and tourism sector. Guest speakers from diverse fields of travel, tourism and hospitality domains share their knowledge and help students form ideas and insights about the industry.

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To keep our students updated with the current trends and advancements in the travel & tourism industry, we frequently organize uniquely designed workshops that focus on industry-oriented themes shortlisted by our team of experts.

Assignments and Projects

Various assignments and hands-on projects are designed to make the students industry ready. Our dedicated faculty also provides students with ample opportunities to meet, interact and build relations with well-known and experienced individuals in the travel & tourism industry.

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Case Studies:

Our curriculum includes use of case studies in order to highlight various practical and situational issues. Brainstorming and discussions help streamline our students’ thought processes and sharpen their analytical abilities by exploring, identifying and solving issues.

Simulated events

Simulations place students right in the mix of realistic business scenarios where they must apply the concepts and frameworks they’ve learned to make critical decisions. We use simulations to deliver meaningful learning experiences that are practical, relevant, and engaging.

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Industry projects

LivGlobal regularly engages in small-scale & large-scale projects focussed towards developing entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration among students through the industry-academia relationship. Live projects are a valuable way for students to understand the wider demands of the creative industries in a supportive and nurturing environment.

In-House events

Apart from academics, we also put extra emphasis on extracurricular activities. We regularly conduct events like Travel & Tourism Fair, Cultural Day, Youth Festivals etc

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Community Service

We encourage our students to participate in various community related programs wherein they can volunteer to offer their services directly or through NGOs. This enables them to engage better with the society and understand the finer nuances of the service industry.

Professional Competencies

Career readiness is the attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies that broadly prepare graduates for a successful transition in to the workplace.
We have a special program to improve communication, leadership, creativity and problem solving skills, professionalism, inter-personal skills of every student. These skills and etiquettes enhance their personal productivity and give them a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

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Entrepreneurial Skills

We believe in equipping students with an innovator’s eye and a founder’s grit–the skills to excel in an innovation economy. To activate the entrepreneurial mindset in students, LivGlobal begins by igniting the imagination then takes them through the journey of creating and refining an original business concept.

English Proficiency Training

Since English is one of the preferred languages of communication globally, we ensure that our students have a strong command over the language. Hospitality sector being all about communication with people from different cultural and social backgrounds, communicating well is very crucial for their success.

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