Nothing is practically better than visiting new places every day. A career in Travel and Tourism allows you to wander around new places and show the world around to travelers. The sector is constantly growing while meeting varied job requirements. Among several profiles, Tour Manager is one among many that ensures the right travel arrangements while scheduling the trip well. However, becoming a successful tour manager is not an easy job; it involves several steps to ace one, and seeking a master’s in travel and tourism management is one of them. 

Steps to become a tour manager: 

  1. Achieve relevant education: 

Some employers need a bachelor’s degree and masters in travel and tourism in India, while others need a certificate or a high school diploma. Most employers prefer a degree in music, business management, marketing, and the related area. You can also take additional business law, psychology, accounting, logistics, and travel management courses. 

  1. Gain experience: 

Upon completing the certificate or degree, you must seek an internship to shadow a tour manager while exploring the daily responsibilities. You must choose a volunteer and learn from the experts as they proceed with the duties. You might qualify for the entry-level position if you excel in the internship. 

  1. Create a professional network: 

Professional networking entails mutually beneficial relationships with partners, colleagues, professionals, and business leaders. By networking with other people, you can meet advisors and potential mentors. The process can start at any time of the day and can be performed during the internship and even while pursuing your education. 

  1. Ace your social skills: 

In order to become successful in this field, you must have great social skills. This requires constant communication with travelers, and they must be able to approach you rightly. Being sociable means that you are well-versed in the culture, attractions, and geography and can perfect the skills. This furthermore enhances the experience and makes the tour a memorable affair. 

  1. Get a mentor: 

Finding a mentor helps you answer questions you might otherwise have about the profession. A mentor further encourages you at all times, even after a job loss. Working with a mentor offers commitment and passion, helping you attain an added advantage in case of an opening. 

Skills that a tour manager has: 

In order to become a tour manager, here are top skills to excel in: 

Time management skills: 

The tour manager works around the deadlines to manage time around the day. 

Safety and health awareness: 

A tour manager needs to be updated on the health protocols in every place.

Decision-making skills: 

The managers need to be able to make the right decisions whenever required, especially during emergencies. With a master’s in travel and tourism degree, you can ace the decision-making skills with 

Endurance skills: 

The managers must have the capacity to work for extremely long hours while delivering the right energy. The zeal is necessary to attend to the demand of the people over long hours. 


Take up a course for master’s in travel and tourism in Mumbai and get ready to be a leading tour operator.