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Travel & Tourism – Key drivers of Global Economy

One of the most significant sectors that empower a nation’s economy, Travel and Tourism cuts across geographical boundaries. India, with its vast trove of historical, cultural, natural, national and geographical destinations, offers tremendous scope for tourists from across the world. 

The travel & tourism sector in India strategically aims to:

  • Develop and promote tourism 
  • Maintain competitiveness of India as a tourist destination
  • Improve and expand existing tourism products that aid in employment generation and economic growth

Government initiatives of Incredible India and Make in India have spurred rapid growth in Tourist Arrivals and career opportunities

Scope of Tourism in India

  • Heritage, cultural and religious tourism
  • Adventure tourism
  • Wellness tourism
  • Business tourism, including MICE
  • Eco-tourism
  • Sports tourism
  • Wedding destinations

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Global Tourism Trends

Some of the major global tourism trends are:

Eco friendly travel:

Most holiday destinations, transport services and accommodation providers have incorporated environmentally friendly measures, including ban on single use plastic. 

Transformative travel:

Several hotels and service providers are offering packages and programs that are designed for physical and mental transformation, leading to overall wellness.

Alternative Travel:

Travelling to offbeat destinations is becoming a rage since people are consciously avoiding overcrowded destinations. 

B-leisure travel:

A combination of business and leisure travel is gaining popularity across the world.

Domestic Tourism Trends

Leisure with Spiritual Tours:

Most tourists are now preferring to combine their leisure tours with trips to spiritual centres in India.

Customised tours:

Rigid itineraries are passé. Travellers prefer unique experiences that are customised to their tastes.

Wellness tourism:

Tourists are actively pursuing activities, itineraries and lifestyles that are leading them to focus on a holistic lifestyle. to a state of holistic health.


Agri or farm tourism is a sustainable form of niche tourism that is considered a growth industry in many parts of the world today, including India

Key Sector

Travel Trade

Travel agencies and tour operators help in the sales of tourism products and services.


Hotels, resorts, hostels and guest houses are essential to the tourism industry.

Events & Conferences

Events and conferences include business conferences, festival events, exhibitions, sports events etc.


Airlines, trains, coaches, cruises are some of the major transport services in the tourism industry.

And many more…

Types of Tourism

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Adventure Tourism

This involves exploration or travel to remote and exotic areas where tourists can pursue adventure activities like mountain/rock climbing, ice skating, trekking, white water rafting , camping, hiking, kayaking, etc.


Eco-Tourism involves visiting ecologically rich and relatively untouched natural areas without leaving a carbon footprint behind.

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Educational Tourism - LivGlobalInstitute

Educational Tourism

Tourism that pursues educational learning as a pretext for a trip, either learning knowledge-historical, cultural, social or learning a language

Heritage Tourism

This involves an experience of places, artefacts, and activities that truly represent the rich history of a place, including its cultural, historic and natural splendours.

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Business Tourism

This is generally defined as travel for the purpose of meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions, commonly known as MICE. It also includes individual business travel.

Cruise Tourism

This is leisure travel which includes holiday on a cruise ship for a minimum of 48 hours. The ship cruises along various tourist destinations along its route.

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Sports Tourism

Sports tourism is about travel to other destinations for observing or participating in a sporting event while staying away from the usual tourist destinations.

Medical & Wellness Tourism

When people go across borders to receive better medical treatment or at affordable cost. India is fast becoming a popular destination for medical and wellness tourism due to better medical facilities and cost-effectiveness.

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Rural Tourism

This is about exploring the rural canvas of a nation and enjoying the simple ways of living.

Religious Tourism

Quite a few people travel to various destinations for pilgrimage or missionary purposes.

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Wildlife Tourism

Some nations are blessed with abundant natural resources, including wildlife. Countries like Africa and India have some of the rarest species of wildlife which attract hordes of tourists.

Virtual Tourism

When people use virtual reality to explore their choicest destinations from their premises, it is known as virtual tourism.

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