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Explore the Degree & Diploma Programs in Travel and Tourism

The importance of tourism over the past few decades globally has escalated to new heights. Today tourism is perceived as a vital economic pillar to bolster a nation’s economic development. The need for stellar individuals becomes imperative to facilitate and foster its development.     

We at Liv Global Institute, through our prolific Travel & Tourism Courses After 12th in Mumbai, India strives to nurture outstandingly engaging individuals to meet this industry’s dynamic, growing demands. Our chief focus is to make our students agile and adaptive to spontaneously assist the immediate needs of global tourists, irrespective of their different cultures and social backgrounds.  

As one of the best Travel and Tourism colleges in India, we are home to the best teaching methodologies and practices under the tutelage of a vastly experienced teaching faculty. 

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Tourism management encompasses all aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry as it provides comprehensive training for management jobs in the travel, lodging, and food industries. The tourist business is quickly expanding, and tourism management professions are highly demanded. Working in this field will provide you with a wide range of exciting opportunities, including the chance to meet new people and travel. Working with associations or agencies directly associated with tourism services can also count as tourism management. This type of job is great for you if you have a passion for all things travel-related and enjoy working with people.
The hospitality sector includes travel and tourism. Candidates curious about a career in the travel and tourism business can enroll in the LivGlobal undergraduate (UG) or postgraduate (PG) program for travel and tourism courses in Mumbai. The course aims to provide incredible opportunities and tremendous growth for our students, promoting personal and proficient development. LivGlobal also offers a chance to learn about social and cultural elements of tourism and management beyond topographical limits.

The Benefits of Travel and Tourism Management

Travel and Tourism graduates will find career opportunities in marketing, business, tourism, and hospitality, in roles such as health and safety, project management, customer services, operations management, and personnel training.

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Some of these incredible benefits include:

1. Global Opportunities - One of the fascinating career benefits associated with a career in travel and tourism management, is that the candidate gets the opportunity to land a job anywhere with the right skillset in the world. A very handful or few career choices can offer this benefit. 2. Hone Many Skills - A diploma, course, or an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in travel and tourism management trains the student with many vital skills. These skills can help you choose other career paths or run successful business ventures in different business categories. Some of these most prominent areas in which you can work are:

  • Business Management
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness
  • Sustainable Growth.
  • 3. Versatility - A career in travel and tourism management, unlike other career choices, offers the student the flexible opportunity to work in a hotel, plane, cruise, or even a fun resort. 4. It's Fun & Exciting - Professionals and Managers in the travel and tourism industry have described their work experience as fun and exciting. As you get the chance to travel around the world, meet new people, explore and experience a host of new things elusive and rare in other career choices.

    Post-Graduate Travel and Tourism Courses by LivGlobal :

    We at Liv Global are known to offer recognised post-graduation Travel and Tourism courses in association with other colleges. Students who hold a graduation degree from any recognized university are eligible for our PG courses. The Masters & PG Diploma courses in Travel and Tourism Management, India are offered by Nagindas Khandwala College Affiliated to University of Mumbai.

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    Under-Graduate Courses By LivGlobal -

    We at LivGlobal offer the best undergraduate programs in Tourism & Travel Management. Read more about BBA (Hons.) in Tourism & Travel Management offered by Nagindas Khandwala College Affiliated to University of Mumbai and a one-year UG Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management. Students who are 12th pass from any recognized college are eligible for our UG courses.

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