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Postgraduate Degree & Diploma in Tourism

What can you do with a master’s or post-graduation in Tourism & Travel Management?

With better connectivity of transport and communication, improved standard of living and value for money for foreign tourists. The Travel and Tourism Industry in India is subjected to witness colossal growth like never before.

Hence after completing a master’s in travel and tourism in India from Livglobal, The prime and leading Travel and Tourism in India. Students are flooded with a sea of bright career opportunities and options.   Where they can work in travel agencies, resorts, hotels, and airports or work as tour operators and travel consultants for reputed firms.

What are the Minimum Qualifications Required for Masters in Travel and Tourism?

To pursue a two-year’s master’s in travel and tourism at LivGlobal, The most prominent travel and tourism institute in Mumbai. The budding candidate or aspirant should have graduated from a recognized university irrespective of any stream.

With a two-year’s master’s in travel and tourism at LivGlobal, not only will you learn the insights of working in the tourism industry. But you will also tap on the working insights of other sectors such as Airline and Hospitality.

What are the kinds of jobs one gets after a Postgraduate Degree in Tourism Management?

The Travel and Tourism Industry is a global industry that is experiencing staggering growth and momentum in India. With a pg diploma in tourism management in it, there are plenty of exciting and high rewarding career jobs opportunities for the students.

The most prominent and popular ones among them include the following. Where students can be professional in/as:

1. Tour Manager
2. Operations Manager
3. Tour Consultant
4. Transport Officer
5. Marketing & PR Executive
6. Reservation & Ticketing Executive
7. Hotel & Resort Manager

The above ones are just a few of them, to know more about them and learn from the industry experts. Please do visit our website https://livglobalinstitute.com/.

What is the scope of the PG Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management?

The scope of a pg diploma in travel and tourism in Mumbai is vast. A postgraduate degree from LivGlobal equips the students with all the necessary key-industrial skills. By helping students tap on their untapped potential to grab stellar career opportunities in the private and government sectors. As qualified and skilled personnel, you can get placed even at higher positions in either of these sectors. Lastly, the travel and tourism industry in India is poised to grow at an exponential rate.