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B.B.A. (Honours) in Tourism & Travel Management

Travel and tourism is an exceptionally diversified industry that is witnessing continuous growth. With predicted revenue growth, the business will provide about quadruple the number of job possibilities by 2025.

As the industry is growing in prominence, it is now offering exciting work options that have caught the eye of today’s youth. The employment opportunities available to students are numerous, and with the government’s engagement in promoting tourism, the professional options are even more diverse.

There are many travel and tourism institutes in Mumbai that prepare students for a wide range of jobs, including airline and government tourism.

What is the qualification for Travel & Tourism Courses?

Because of the course’s broad scope students from any background can opt for Travel & Tourism courses.
Undergraduate Courses in Travel and Tourism:
Aspirants must have completed their 10+2 / HSC/ Grade 12 examinations from any stream. Following Tourism courses after 12th are available – BBA (Hons.) in Tourism & Travel Management and diploma in tourism and travel management.

What are the job opportunities for someone with a Travel and Tourism Degree?

While experience is imperative for progression in the industry of travel and tourism, individuals can find unlimited work options in both the commercial and public sectors after completing a course in the field. Some of the most common work titles in the travel and tourist industry are as follows:

  • Holiday/Travel Agent
  • Tourism Executive
  • Tourism Manager
  • Travel Officer/ Coordinator
  • Airlines/ Ground Staff
  • Tourist Guide
  • Transport Officer
  • Travel Counselor/ Consultant
  • Tour Operator
  • Travel Writer

What are the most popular courses in the travel and tourism space?

Candidates can study Travel & Tourism for a degree, diploma, or certificate. Some popular Travel & Tourism courses are listed below.

Is travel and tourism a good career choice in India?

The Indian tourism industry is flourishing and expanding at a rapid rate. The magnificent tourism locations and rich culture owe everything to the country.
India is a country with a diverse culture as well as numerous chances. Its youth has immense potential and is capable of reaching new heights. The only condition is that the pupils are educated and assisted in developing the necessary skill set.

LivGlobal: One of The Leading Travel and Tourism Institute in Mumbai?

LivGlobal, well-known for travel and tourism courses in Mumbai, gives students a phenomenal opportunity to gain practical and theoretical knowledge as well as industry experience.
LivGlobal’s undergraduate courses, regarded as India’s best travel and tourism education, is devoted to providing deeper insights and expertise into the tourism and hospitality industries.