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Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management (DTTM)


The Diploma in tourism and travel management is a 1-year undergraduate course that trains individuals professionally in the hospitality industry. The Diploma in travel and tourism management is an entry-level undergraduate course for individuals looking forward to building a career in hospitality by joining travel and tourism courses after the 12th.  The course is provided by Nagindas Khandwala college in association with Liv Global Institute. 

The hospitality industry is flourishing significantly and will only grow more over time. Owing to the fast-paced development, the scope of employment opportunities has increased along with good career opportunities in the sector. From travel management to tourism planning and management, everything in parallel to the tourism and travel industry in the hospitality sector is witnessing a surge in demand. Thus, professionals with good knowledge of the travel and tourism industry can climb the ladder to an established career in the travel and tourism industry.   

  • Highlights of the program  

The undergraduate diploma program is one of the best travel and tourism courses in Mumbai offered by Nagindas Khandwala College in association with Liv Global Institute. The candidate applying must have cleared 10+2 from any recognized board.    

The program has two semesters with a total of 11 subjects, 6 in the first semester and 5 in the rest. In the first semester, the curriculum includes the following subjects: The principles and practices of Tourism, Tourism geography, international tourism, tourism and transport, tourism products, itinerary preparation, and tour packaging. The curriculum of the second semester covers Travel Documentation, Travel Agency and Tour operations, Niche Tourism, Tourism and Technology, Practical Training, and Project reports.   

The 1-year program by Nagindas Khandwala College, in association with Liv Global Institute, aids the learners with expansive knowledge to enhance their understanding of the industry. It offers conceptualized learning backed by practical teaching to help the students advance their skills in the field. Along with tourism concepts and dynamic management skills, the learning is imparted by following a modern approach. The training methods support the learners in enhancing their creative ability, presentations, in-house events, workshops for knowledge expansion, industry seminars, paper presentations in international and national workshops, case studies and analysis, blog creation, YouTube broadcasting, practical training, and internships.   

  • Future scope of Travel and Tourism Diploma Course   

 Travel and tourism are expanding boundlessly, and thus, there is a constant need for individuals with solid skills and proficiency in the industry to manage and streamline work activities. Since the industry will only flourish ahead, the demand for professionals in the field will increase; thus, the 1-year program will help individuals find their way in the industry. The travel and tourism course fees of the one-year undergraduate program offered by Nagindas Khandwala college are affordable and cover all the essentials required for thorough training and preparations for future opportunities in the travel and tourism industry.   

Eligibility: 10+2 in any discipline

Duration: 1yr


We aid the learners to expanse their understanding of tourism concepts and management skills through most modern training methods. The learners would be supported to take part in creative presentations, internships, inhouse events,  knowledge workshops, industry seminars, paper presentations in international and national workshops, critical thinking through case studies, Youtube broadcasting, blog creation and practical training.


SEM – 1

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  • Principles & Practices of Tourism
  • Tourism Geography
  • International Tourism
  • Tourism & Transport
  • Tourism Products
  • Itinerary Preparation and Tour Packaging

SEM – 2


  • Travel Documentation
  • Travel Agency and Tour operations
  • Niche Tourism
  • Tourism & Technology
  • Practical Training & Project Report


The rising tourist flow to the national and international market demands trained professionals with essential insights into the hospitality sectors. Some of the demanding profiles are:

 Tour consultant

  • Airport ground operations
  • Reservation and Ticketing executive
  • Concierge
  • Marketing and PR
  • Event Planners
  • Transport officer
  • Entrepreneur in the Tourism sector
  • Travel Blogger
  • Cruise staff
  • Reservation and Ticketing executive
  • Front office staff


What is tourism management & why study for a diploma in tourism?

Tourism management is holistic learning in a multidisciplinary field that offers knowledge and learning in all forms related to hospitality and tourism domains. It trains individuals professionally by enhancing their experience and experience to make them ideal for the industry.

The tourism and hospitality industry is witnessing a surge in demand due to the rise in tourists. Hence, skilled professionals need to manage the industry’s hospitality and tourism requirements. For individuals who want to explore places and are keen to learn more about them, learning a diploma in tourism offers an opportunity to step into the industry. It works like a gateway for travel enthusiasts who want to pursue a Masters or Bachelors of travel and tourism management.

Which are some of the colleges that offer the Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management course?

Several colleges across India offer the Diploma in Tourism and Travel management course. Some colleges preferred for their best quality education and valued travel and tourism courses in Mumbai are Nagindas Khandwala College (in association with Liv Global Institute), St Xavier’s College, Inspire Academy, and Jai Hind College. Some colleges preferred for a diploma course in travel and tourism across India are YMCA Institute for Career Studies, New Delhi, St. Albert’s College, Kochi, Oakbrook Business School, Gandhinagar.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management course?

For admission in a diploma in tourism and travel management, the student must have cleared 10+2 in any discipline from a recognized board with the minimum required aggregate marks. Admission to the course is based on merit achieved in 12 board exams.

What are some job profiles for students pursuing a Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management?

The demand for skilled professionals in the tourism industry is increasing, and hence, experienced professionals with good knowledge of the industry can have their way towards a successful career by pursuing a Diploma in tourism and travel management. The students who completed a diploma in travel and tourism can apply for jobs in industries like Hotels, Airlines, Ships and Cruises, Logistics, Travel Agencies, and the Hospitality sector.

Some job profiles in these industries ideal for students with a diploma in tourism and travel management are airport ground operations, reservation and ticketing executive, travel business marketing and PR, event planners, transport officer, entrepreneur in the tourism industry, travel bloggers, etc.

Admission Open for 2021


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