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Why Travel and Tourism Management?

Emerging Industry: The industry is growing at a rapid pace and is getting structured in India. Travel and Tourism industry is rapidly growing and steadily getting structured in India. 

Rising Demand for Professionals: As the tourism sector in India gets structured day by day, it is creating additional demand for well trained work force at various levels, especially management. LivGlobal is creating highly skilled professionals who are willing and able to make a difference to the tourism sector in India and abroad. 

Diverse Career Options: The Travel, Tourism & Hospitality sector offers wide ranging career opportunities. 

Lucrative Earnings: The sector offers tremendous scope for high paying careers. Professionals have the option of finding opportunities in India and abroad.

Increase in initiatives by the Government: The Government of India has initiated various programs like Make in India and Incredible India which will provide a much-needed impetus to the tourism sector and allied industries. 

Digitisation of Travel Industry: Digitisation and digitalisation of the travel, tourism and hospitality sector is ensuring a surge in travellers looking for a seamless travel experience.